About BarWorksOne

BarWorksOne is your #1 source for hospitality training, courses, and workshops. If you are interested in getting in the Hospitality Industry or are just interested in Bar / Restaurant related events. We have all the information you require.

BarWorksOne is developed by people that actually own and operate bars and restaurants. The vast amount of experience and the ‘common sense’ approach has helped make BarWorksOne the industry leaders in training, consulting and providing solutions for the service industry. Our goal is to elevate the the level of service and education within the hospitality industry. We do this by providing training and tools to help both the people that own/manage the businesses as well as those that work or are interested in it.

Since the introduction of various hospitality related TV shows and documentaries, Learning about Culinary Arts and Mixology has become a growing consumer interest. To accommodate this demand we have created a series of Workshops and Events which allows anyone to learn about Food and Drink in Ottawa from industry experts.